Front Wheel Bearing Dust Deflector #2

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The Front Wheel Bearing Dust Deflector #2 (#43247-28010) is a key component in the Front Drive Shaft system of a vehicle. Specifically, it is a Drive-Chassis part designed to protect the wheel bearings from dust and debris. This genuine Toyota part works by sitting on the outer edge of the wheel bearing, acting as a shield to deflect dust and other harmful particles away from the bearing. As a result, the wheel bearing can function smoothly, thus enhancing the vehicle's overall performance. Over time, the Dust Deflector can wear out or get damaged, reducing its efficiency. If left unchecked, dust and debris could infiltrate the wheel bearing, potentially leading to premature wear and tear, and eventually, failure. Therefore, it is imperative to replace this part periodically. By using genuine Toyota Autoparts, customers can benefit from the compatibility with their vehicle and the security of the Toyota genuine parts warranty. By keeping the Front Wheel Bearing Dust Deflector #2 (#43247-28010) in good working condition, it contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 43247-28010

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